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DTF Design is a full-service, collaborative interior design studio dedicated to creating unique environments tailored to the needs and aspirations of our respected clientele. We rely on our genuine personalized service, expertise, and streamlined design process to provide creative solutions that deliver meaningful spaces, connect people and simplify lives with our client at the heart of design.

Our Mission

At DTF Design, we work across styles and seek to enhance life through good design, heartfelt connections and personalized service.  We believe that good design makes a positive difference in people’s lives and a compassionate understanding of our client’s needs, lifestyle and aspirations is the main ingredient in creating meaningful interiors. We work closely with our clients to empathically learn to translate our client’s needs and desires into a tangible product anchored by a respect for architecture, adherence to the principals of design, and with a sensitivity to time and budgetary goals. We aim to infuse beauty and serenity into our client’s space and conceive environments where love, family and community flourish. The result is beautiful, livable spaces custom designed with our client at the heart of design.

Our Network

DTF Design is dedicated to ensuring each client experience and each project is unique to them. Our focus remains keeping close collaborative relationships between all members of the project team. Enduring relationships throughout the Pacific Northwest enable DTF Design to work with many of the area’s talented architects, builders, fabricators, crafts people and artists. Creative collaborations with architects, builders and artisans often leads to the design and fabrication of one-of-kind architectural elements and/or works of art.  These networks of relationships and the craft behind the trade are paramount to the firm’s ability to enhance space and elevate lifestyle by placing our client at the heart of design.

Custom iron mantle

Custom iron mantle

Custom iron stair detail

Custom iron stair detail

Designing a space for someone is a very personal, experiential and creative process. It is also a collaborative process between the client, designer and the entire project team. We are privileged to partner with our clients to create meaningful interiors that fulfill their needs and help our clients live the life they dream of living. Being a part of the design process and developing these relationships is very rewarding
— Dana Foster

Our Value

Our focus on empathy with the client at the heart of design allows us to support our clients in creative ways throughout the entire process. We provide insights and deliver value by simplifying our client’s life and creating meaningful interiors that generate family connection for today with the possibilities of tomorrow. Our visual presentations provide the tools necessary to communicate the design vision to all members and allow the construction team to estimate and build the project with efficiency and less stress for our client. Our long-standing collaborative partnerships across trades enhance our ability to deliver unique, memorable environments with craft at the helm.

Our Approach

With over twenty-five years in the industry, our approach to creative solutions remains unchanged. We keep our client at the heart of design and aim to be flexible, responsive and compassionate. Our genuine, down-to-earth character is intrinsic to who we are and brings a sense of calmness to our delivery. This places our clients at ease and helps to create a comfortable design experience. Our developed process keeps our projects on track.

Give Back

Whether it’s giving back to our community, or improving a person’s life through our work, DTF Design is always in a cycle of learning and sharing with others. The firm’s commitment to creative excellence and personalized service does not end with the successful completion of a project or through continuing trade education.  DTF Design is also active in the community by volunteering and supporting favorite charities and organizations that vary from art and culture to health care and cancer research.

We look forward to the future with a grateful and compassionate heart
— Dana Foster


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Dana Foster holds a 5-year accredited Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Arizona State University, where she graduated Cum Laude. Upon graduating, Dana moved to the Seattle area to begin her professional career and live a life surrounded by the art, culture, and nature that epitomizes the PNW.  Before founding DTF Design in 2004, Dana spent 10 years practicing design at local interior design and construction firms. 

With a rich and diverse experience from decades of working on distinguished projects, Dana Foster provides seasoned knowledge and guidance to her clientele. Dana is always on hand to usher clients through each step of the design process and work in concert with the owner, architect, builder and trades. Dana’s friendly genuine approach and calm demeanor make her a trusted advisor and designer.  That trust often translates into the formation of life-long generational relationships with clients who hire her repeatedly.

Dana’s love for design and architecture also extends to the appreciation of fine art. Studying art and working with local artists and galleries has significantly influenced the work of Principal, Dana Foster.  Of interest is how light and materials are expressed in art and sculpture and how art helps energize and transform a space.

Dana Foster is a patron of the Bellevue Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, the Pratt Art Institute, the Pilchuck Glass School, and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

As a youth, Dana grew up in Southern California and Colorado where her father was a project manager for construction firms building luxury golf courses, churches and luxury residential homes.  Dana often accompanied her father on jobsite visits, where, she was exposed to the intricacies of a construction site and filled with many valued lessons. A high school elective course in interior design and art inspired her and set her path in the study of interior design.

Dana's upbringing exposed her to the world of construction at a young age. Her early professional years working at local interior design and construction firms gave her a strong working background in the process of both interior design and construction. Her unique background and ability to navigate the landscape of both interior design and construction enables Dana to work closely with contractors, architects and clients to help deliver smooth projects with less stress for the client.

Dana Foster at construction site

Dana Foster at construction site

Foster's Father at construction site

Foster's Father at construction site

Today, Dana continues to be at home on a construction site. She is actively growing her business, engaged in continual education, and focused on building relationships and celebrating life with family, friends and her three English Springer Spaniels.


Our clients, vendors, and trades inspire us to keep growing. We are grateful for all the treasured relationships developed through working together.

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